"When Sherri first suggested staging the apartment, a part of me was reluctant to let more money out of my tight fists, but I trusted her judgment that staging would be a valuable investment that would pay off richly.  Your thoughtful presentation of the apartment highlighted its historical details while keeping it young, modern and urban.  It helped small bedrooms appear larger, took advantage of natural light, kept eyes moving around a room so that its scale could be appreciated and you injected color and personality.  I have no doubt that your staging helped facilitate a quick sale - for a price beyond my expectations.   Thank you, thank you, thank you.”  Kathy Friend, Homeowner

"Thank you all for doing amazing work!  Write me up a recommendation letter for White Space and I’ll sign it.  Anyone who doesn’t use you is a cheap jerk."  James Neu, Developer

Again a million thanks for your design, your ideas, and your energy!  You are a master and such a pleasure to work with!! Thank you, thank you!"  Lucy Perry, Corcoran

“I have found using  White Space Staging an invaluable resource for my business. I have used their services to stage empty apartments and new development condo buildings  as well as use their consultation services to work with sellers. They have always been wonderful to work with and extremely professional. Louise and Kyra provide on site consultations for my clients, helping them stage the furniture they already have and helping them to maximize their space to make their property shine. They are wonderful at giving comprehensive site plans and notes as well as being a joy to work with. I highly recommend White Space Staging!”  Deb Bondy, Compass