Louise Whittet

With a background in marketing and communications rather than interior design, Louise brings to staging projects a marketer’s instincts:  the need to identify who the potential buyer is, understand what they’re looking for and what the competition’s offering them, and what the unique strengths of a given property might be.  She believes that to stage a home is less about decorating and more about ‘strategic packaging’, and about clearing away the distractions so that a property can speak to people. She's been staging properties since 2010 and founded White Space Staging in 2012.


Kyra Frankel

Kyra Frankel has a background in art history and marketing. She understands the challenges involved in preparing a home for the market and is particularly successful helping clients identify items that help and/or hurt the overall aesthetic.  This skill set is extremely beneficial for clients who continue to reside in their apartment while it is on the market.  Kyra appreciates living efficiently and loves the challenge of re-working a space to reveal its hidden attributes.  She enjoys jogging, navigating Ikea in record time, and hanging heavy mirrors.  She has been organizing and staging homes since 2007.



Jaime Sebba

With a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and a decade spent as a merchant in the fashion industry, Jaime brings a strong eye for aesthetics to the White Space Staging team. She believes that staging a house is merchandising it to sell by creating a product that has a balance of style, emotion and price. Staging was a natural transition from fashion retail, and provides an exciting new arena in which she can utilize her skill set.  Jaime enjoys working with clients to help them achieve their sales goals. She has a passion for both color and the decorative arts that helps inform decisions when working with clients to make their properties shine. Jaime began staging with the White Space team in early 2017


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